Question about Forest Road 525C Dispersed Camping

Will asked on 11/5/2020

We are first timers to boondocking in Sedona and are wondering if we can make it down 525c with a 37 foot class a towing a 16 foot trailer with a rzr? Is the road that bad or is it just go slow and there will be many good remote spots 5-7 miles down? Thanks so much!

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Answered on 5/2/2022:

Depends on time of year and rain. I did see a sign recommending high clearance vehicles only. I would scout the area first especially if the roads aren't dry.
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Answered on 11/6/2020:

We were there a couple of years ago, it was heavily washboarded. If you are ok doing 5 mph, you should be ok. I would call the forest service to make sure the road is open.