Question about Forest Road 302 Dispersed Camping


Beardoglady asked on 7/31/2022

Is it safe for a single old lady and her dog?

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Answered on 8/20/2022:

I’m 50, travel solo and drive a 26’ Minnie Winnie. My first boondocking experience was here in July 2020. I couldn’t find any spots in the first mile so I kept driving. I ended up about 13 miles back then found a spot. There’s no cel service back there so I was a little nervous. I stayed 6 days because I loved the area so much! I felt safe. I heard elk and coyotes at night! I’ve since gone back 2 more times.
Kokomo, IN
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Answered on 8/3/2022:

as safe as any place these days :)
Vacaville, CA
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Answered on 8/2/2022:

Yes for sure
Turnbull's Travels
Turnbull's Travels
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Answered on 8/2/2022:

I agree with Jenn's answer - although I camped there with my husband, we do not carry any "weapons" (unless you count our attack cat.) I saw a local Sheriff patrol up and down the road at least once or twice a day while we were there. There is also a good cell signal, so you're not really 'disconnected'.
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Answered on 8/2/2022:

I think you'd be fine if you stay up towards the front. We stayed off to the left in the area where there's some signage for the area, maybe 1/4 Mile in. I felt very safe. Further in gets more secluded. You're very close to the little town with the hustle and bustle.
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Answered on 3/5/2023:

I am over 65 and travel solo. I always feel safer the farther I am away from people. I would feel safer here or in any boondocking area than I would in an RV park.