Question about Fish Creek Campground

airstreamer asked on 2/17/2021

Has anyone used solar panels at Fish Creek Campground? I have a reservation for Loop A in August. Thank you

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Answered on 2/17/2021:

While it’s the least shady, A Loop has quite a few trees. The campsites at the furthest end of the loop (nearest the lake) are probably the best for solar, but you may still be able to position mobile panels for some sun exposure at other sites. Congrats on getting a reservation!
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Answered on 2/17/2021:

I stayed in Loop A and had to deploy my suitcase solar panel. Got *maybe* 2-3 hours a day, but no sun on my roof panels. Lots of trees.
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Answered on 2/17/2021:

There is very limited sun at any of loops in the campground. I was able to get a bit from loop B, none from C. It’s heavily wooded throughout.