Question about Fence Canyon

Kathy B. asked on 3/23/2022

Is this site accessible to a car .. minivan type in the spring of 2022 ?? How far off the hwy ?? Is it safe??

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Answered on 3/24/2022:

It’s a turn off the highway and your on public land. I wouldn’t recommend going too far up the road without higher clearance; I’m recalling some bigger dips and usually we only saw other trucks. But there is at least one turn out near the highway at the bottom of the hill that is flat and roomy. Lastly, by safe you mean from cows or people? We felt safe, but there is traffic going up and coming down both locals and workers throughout the day. We never had an issue but that’s just our experience.
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Answered on 3/24/2022:

Should be. I recall it to be just off the highway.