Question about Fence Canyon

ds9writer asked on 9/10/2021

Is there any kind of fairly flat dirt area where one could pitch a tent and sleep on the ground (w/o a bunch of big rocks poking you in the back)? Thanks!

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Answered on 9/10/2021:

Maybe mainly small rocks? It IS a bit rocky, and the ground is hard for tent stakes. Also for tents, the wind can be an issue. But a beautiful location and very convenient for Carlsbad Caverns.
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Answered on 9/10/2021:

There are some less rocky areas but you will need to search for them. The road is quite long. If you seek you will find!
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Answered on 9/10/2021:

I think there are several flat areas on the way up. It's pretty rocky, though. If you had some kind of sleeping mat or, even better, an air mattress you'd probably be ok. It's been over a year since I've been there, but I don't remember the bare ground looking very comfortable.