Question about Elk Creek Campground

Dee asked on 6/11/2020

How safe is the campground? Can u get cell service anywhere in the campground? Wildlife sightings? How close together are campsites?

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Answered on 6/11/2020:

Felt very safe. Cell phone was OK (Verizon) No wildlife sightings. The sites are well spaced and easy to get into. We stayed 0on the east side, further away from the water. It was very windy while we were there. Would have stayed another night to kayak on the reservoir, if not for the wind. Would stay again.
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Answered on 6/11/2020:

My husband was gone several days while I was at Elk Creek campground and I felt very safe. Sites are widely spaced and views are incredible. I had no AT
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Answered on 6/11/2020:

It is very safe with a ranger station within .5 miles. Cell service is available through att.