Question about Echo Canyon Road


Iowahusker asked on 2/24/2021

I have a Ram 2500 with skid plates and tires for traveling off-road. Truck is about 20' long. Pulling a 22' overloading camper. 8' wide. Do you think I can find a place to camp on Echo Canyon Road?

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Phoenix, AZ
26' Forest River Rockwood Roo 23IKSS
Ford F150

Answered on 3/20/2022:

This may be far outside your window for going to Death Valley but might help others wondering. We drove up this road in our truck on 3/18/22 checking it out. It is quite rough and certainly requires high clearance and good tires. We found a few places that we believe we could take our 25' trailer into (it has high clearance). However, turning around to go back out will be a challenge. It might be doable to someone experienced with backing and turning their rig. We haven't eliminated it as a possibility for our next trip. The advantage to this road is that it is wide open for great views of the night sky. There aren't hills or landscape features to block the view like there are on Hole in the Wall road.