Question about Dugway Campground

Dean asked on 7/23/2020

How busy is this campground in August on a Saturday night? I see it only has 5 spots. What are the chances of getting one the first weekend in August on a Saturday night? Just staying 1 night.

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Answered on 7/25/2020:

We have only stayed there one night ourselves, and that was in October, I believe. There were several pickup trucks that passes right on by on their way to a lake or reservoir. I’m guessing you would be safe...
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Answered on 7/25/2020:

I haven’t stayed there in August but my guess would be that you would likely be ok finding a site. Both times I was there were in June and finding a site was easy.
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Answered on 7/23/2020:

That's tough to answer since I only stayed one night in mid-May. It is about 7 or 8 miles north of I-80 so one would have to know it existed since there are no signs along the highway of not even a sign in Sinclair. I would try it since it is a beautiful location, if you could not get in, there is always the KOA in nearby Rawlins WY.