Question about Dude Ranch Lakeside Use Area

Jeff asked on 4/11/2021

Is the fishing good? Is there a gas station and store close by? Can I have a fire? Can I bring a dog ( kept on a leash )? Is there anyway trash cans nearby?

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Answered on 6/18/2021:

Saw group of guys clean a good amount of fish! My dogs loved it here. Sites are not too clean but not too bad for free. Picnic tables a plus! Several gas stations on way here heading westbound.
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Answered on 4/12/2021:

I don’t know about the fishing, because we didn’t fish. But there were boats and people fishing from shore. You can have a fire (unless they are in a fire ban), you could bring a dog on a leash, and there were both trash cans and a vault toilet.
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Answered on 4/11/2021:

Didn't fish there so can't say. You can have fire and bring a dog. Commercial size trash box was on site and as to gas station and store close by, all is relative...No store within a walking distance and a gas station back on the highway. check google maps for what is nearby
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Answered on 4/11/2021:

I haven't fished there but that's the reason most people go there so it must be good. I had a dog, on lease, no issues. I think there were spots where people made a fire ring with rocks rings but I can't really remember, sorry. There was a dumpster there too. Enjoy! Also the flies are bad there during warmer times so be warned.