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Charles&Rose asked on 7/17/2021

This is a Thousand Trails campground. Is it really as rundown, with permanent residents? That doesn't sound right. Thanks!

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Answered on 10/16/2022:

Best guess just from observing the many folks coming and going just during the 4 nights I was there is about 1/3-1/2 are permanent. But there are plenty of good spots for transients. Yes, like many TT parks, the buildings and amenities are showing their age. But, for what you pay per night, it is a great park is a great location.
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Answered on 9/7/2021:

we find it to be a nice TT campground. The spots are nice and wide, we have a cement pad, the water, sewer adn elec all worked fine. You will find annuals at all TT location for the most part. The corp pushes it on all managers,, (they make more money) but that to be expected. Thus far the ranger we have talked with are super nice and willing to help. there is nice pool area and we will be exploring more of the park.. you are close to the NP attractions and a golf course just down the road. You hear a lot of comment about TT being run down, all the annuals etc. which in many locations is NOT true.. if you want the specialness of a KOA go to a koa for 55 or so bucks a month. If you want a good place to park for a bit many TT's will work fine.. We have been in over 20 since we started in june of 2020 (the year to forget) and most have been great to OK.. go out have fun and dont sweat the small stuff.
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Answered on 7/20/2021:

There were many full time residents with sheds and other permanent structures. The spot next to us had a woodpile taller then my kids. The staff was extremely friendly and kind but I honestly expected a lot more from this campground.
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Answered on 7/18/2021:

Unfortunately this is true of most thousand trails parks nowadays. Is mostly about the money and not putting back into the infrastructure.
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Answered on 7/18/2021:

There are certainly a percentage of annuals, but it's not run down. Some are, this one was far better than their average.
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Answered on 7/18/2021:

We were there 2 years ago. It was decent then, just obviously older. There were maybe a few long-term people, but it wasn't noticeable. Here's the video review we did.