Question about Diamond Caverns RV Resort & Golf

Charles&Rose asked on 7/17/2021

This is a Thousand Trails campground. Is it really as rundown, with permanent residents? That doesn't sound right. Thanks!

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Answered on 7/20/2021:

There were many full time residents with sheds and other permanent structures. The spot next to us had a woodpile taller then my kids. The staff was extremely friendly and kind but I honestly expected a lot more from this campground.
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Answered on 7/18/2021:

Unfortunately this is true of most thousand trails parks nowadays. Is mostly about the money and not putting back into the infrastructure.
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Answered on 7/18/2021:

There are certainly a percentage of annuals, but it's not run down. Some are, this one was far better than their average.
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Answered on 7/18/2021:

We were there 2 years ago. It was decent then, just obviously older. There were maybe a few long-term people, but it wasn't noticeable. Here's the video review we did.