Question about Darby Well Road Dispersed Camping

James asked on 8/18/2021

What is camping along Darby Well Road like during the winter? Thanks!

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Permanent Vacation
Ford Transit 250
47 reviews

Answered on 8/18/2021:

It can get chilly at night but otherwise it's amazing. Beware of the cholla and A10 warthogs though
Living A Stout Life
Sheridan, CO
24' BT Cruiser - RAIF
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Answered on 8/18/2021:

We were there in February of 2020. It was dry the entire time and the road was easily accessible if a little wash boarded in spots. But it was super easy to get in and out in our 24-foot Class C. There were also several Class A motor homes and fifth wheels around that had no issues. Temperatures were mild during the day, probably 60s and 70s most days, and then dipped down a bit at night, into the 40s if I recall correctly. We loved it there and would absolutely go back again in Winter. Their monsoon season is summer/fall, I think, so shouldn’t have many issues with rain/snow.
Ford Ranger with topper
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Answered on 8/18/2021:

Gorgeous dry and sunny days. A bit windy at times as it is the desert. Check the local weather report and you'll be set. Not too hot. Not excessively cold in the Winter especially if you have a hard-sided rig. Enjoy!!