Question about Crystal Forest Gift Shop & Campground

LMR asked on 5/24/2020

I'll be sleeping in my car and have a camping toilet with pop-up privacy shelter instead of in an RV. Is this allowed here and is this a safe option for a lone female traveller? (Trying to get across the country and avoid planes)

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Answered on 2/25/2022:

No. My friend and I wanted to stay there. My friend and I wanted to stay there but woman came out and yelled at us and said that we couldn't stay there because we didn't have a camper. We explained that both of our SUVs were fully self-contained converted for camping. She yelled something about people peeing in her teepee and told us to leave. Not friendly at all.
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Answered on 5/25/2020:

I don't see why not. We always patronize the places we stay and you can always do the same and ask, but I don't think they'd have any problem with it. You can eat at the Visitor Center in the park or right in Holbrook. They also have teepees there and we saw tent campers so they may ask you simply to sty in that area but I would not worry at all about safety. BTW, don't know how far you're going or if you'll be as far south as Las Cruces but the Scenic Overlook off I-10 is very nice and completely safe for car camping.
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Answered on 5/25/2020:

I felt safe there, although I usually feel safe. The shop was closed when I was there, so I just stayed and left in the morning. You should be fine car camping.
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Answered on 5/25/2020:

928-524-3500 I'd call them directly regarding the potty situation, but I don't THINK it would be a problem. As far as safety goes, there weren't many other campers there, but it was really wide open and highly visible, so I think you'd be fine.
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Answered on 5/25/2020:

Give the lady at the shop a call. She was super friendly. I saw someone else sleeping in his van when we were there. No tents. But seems safe.
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Answered on 5/25/2020:

I think it would be safe. I don't think a tent or car would be a problem, but during my stay there, I only saw RVs. Give the lady that runs the gift shop a call to check current conditions. She's friendly and helpful. No facilities there other than a picnic table though, so you'll have to be self-sufficient.
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Answered on 11/5/2020:

The manager will not allow car camping of any type. We watched her ask cars to leave, sorry!
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Answered on 6/6/2020:

We were here June 2020 and there were signs clearly clearly "No sleeping in cars, no tents, Campers/RVs only".