Question about Cottonwood Campground

Carol asked on 11/14/2021

Where is a good place to get groceries if camping here?

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Answered on 1/19/2022:

Can get a few things @ Castolon store, a bit under a mile east of campground. Very limited soda, bread, hotdogs, can of beans, etc. and ICE.
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Answered on 3/18/2023:

Big Bend National Park is very remote and it is preferable to bring in all the food that you will require. There are a few stores in the park, which mostly offer products similar to a small gas station convenience store. They are certainly not equivalent to even a small-town grocery store. The closest of these convenience stores is very close by in Castolon. It also happens to be one of the smallest in the park, but the others do not offer much more. If you need groceries while at Cottonwood, your best bet would be to drive the 45 - 50 minutes (one way) to the town of Terlingua, TX. Even there you will only find small-town grocery stores with limited selection. The closest big town with large grocery and big-box stores is in Fort Stockton, TX, 3 hours to the north.
Melbourne, FL
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Answered on 6/12/2024:

You'll most likely travel through Alpine on your way to Big Bend. There is a good grocery store there with everything you need.