Question about Coffee Creek Dispersed Camping

angela asked on 4/27/2021

Where do you go for water? We are planning on staying for a week.

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30' Shasta Sprite
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Answered on 5/3/2021:

We went to the Water Store on S Main St in Cottonwood. Really convenient as you can fill up outside the store 24/7 or go inside and fill up your jugs. They have these handy carts you can use to take your water to your vehicle too.
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Answered on 4/28/2021:

We went down to the fairgrounds in Cottonwood, you can dump and get your water there.
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Answered on 5/30/2021:

Food city has a spot to fill jugs up for $0.15 per gallon (ro water) The fairgrounds has water and a dump station for $10. You need to ask the campground host to unlock the dump.
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Answered on 4/28/2021:

I use ioverlander for water sources. McGuire rest stop has water and I filled up there recently. The water Spicket is a long where the cars park and it’s a little confusing how to operate the controls but I think of it like a bathtub and you pull the nozzle down to get the water to come out GPS coordinates: N 34.67237, W 111.77313