Question about Cochise Stronghold Campground


Dave asked on 1/25/2022

Does anyone have information on the free camping area before you reach the campground? I believe the area is a right turn off of W Ironwood Road onto W Hunt Road.

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Answered on 3/2/2022:

Hi Dave. Its a great little Boondocking area. The area is flat, as Jeff said. Thanks for adding the exact location Mike. There are a lot of trees and it is well spaced out. A few of the spaces are back along the rocks. The road had some pretty big gullies when I was there last week. I got through the entire place with my 18' Ram van that has pretty low clearance due to the side-steps. I got through with no problem, with the exception of a spur road on the west end. There was no way I was taking my rig down there. We were looking for a place to park two or three rigs, so I noticed that many of the spots were not very large, although there were a few that would accommodate. It's worth the trip in. Cochise Stronghold, at the end of the road is nice but definitely for those that don't mind being closer together. It runs $20/$10 depending on whether or not you have a pass. There are a couple of nice hiking trails there and some rock climbing too. Good luck. Have a great trip!! :)
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Answered on 1/25/2022:

Great place to camp Calm quiet flat large sites fire pit and when I was there lots of firewood no facilities hiking and mountain biking from campsite
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Answered on 1/25/2022:

Like Mike stated, basically a loop. The second entrance (31.938472349615818, -109.95927399807026) is easier for medium to large rigs and has more 'open space'. As you proceed thru the loop though it can get pretty tight quickly and the road is usually not the greatest.
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Answered on 1/25/2022:

Great area that is basically a big loop off to the right before the established CG. A lot of variety in sites, some bumpy dirt roads, some shady spots.
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Answered on 4/28/2023:

How large a rig can use this cg?