Question about Carlin Canyon

Andy and Kathie Frogel

Andy and Kathie Frogel asked on 3/31/2021

Does anyone know the height of the underpass under the highway. Thanks!

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Answered on 4/12/2021:

Just looked at the NVDOT traffic cameras and there are big tractor trailer rigs going through it.
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Answered on 4/20/2021:

I’m 12’2. Concur with others... I can’t imagine anyone having issues. Plenty of clearance. It appears that commercial traffic transits frequently due to construction on ramp on other side of bridge tunnel. Has to be at least 15ft or more.

Answered on 4/2/2021:

I do not know the exact height but I am at 11'2" and did not even think twice about passing underneath.
Andy and Kathie Frogel
Andy and Kathie Frogel
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Answered on 4/2/2021:

Thank you. Just drove through there for my visit to Carlin Canyon. The underpass is at least 20 ft tall. Had no trouble getting in or out.