Question about Canyon View Campground

Don Ladolcetta asked on 6/4/2022

Are generators allowed at night?

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Answered on 7/11/2023:

I saw your same question asked about another nearby campsite. I made a very snarky comment, which was held by the moderators, and I suspect (hope) it won't be printed. Scrolling down, I found someone much more eloquent than I gave the same answer in a very kind way: No campgrounds allow generator usage at night. The usual hours are from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Check local rules. BTW, if boondocking, running the generator through the night when you have neighbors within 250 yards is inconsiderate and obnoxious. In the desert, sounds travel fast. You can hear people talking within a 1/4 mile. Be aware of that. PLEASE. Your generator will be heard and smelled within that 1/4 mile radius. Thank you for asking.
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Answered on 6/6/2022:

We tent camped when we were there and there were several other tent campers there as well. It’s a really quiet area and I think it would be pretty disruptive to have a loud generator going all night. None of the campers had one going when we stayed there. It cools down at night so you won’t need AC running. It was June when we stayed.
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Answered on 11/30/2023:

I guess I'll weigh in. Anti generator....lots of noise IF using the contractor type LOUD units. And no they shouldn't be run just to watch your tv on Starlink. Pro: Inverter generator are quiet, as in less than 55 decibles (but still can be heard 25 or so feet away). The reason for running them should be need. A travel trailer or RV heating system is propane but the fan for the heater is electric, so when temps are in the 30s or even 40s, give a fella a break and let us run the inverter. Unless you have one you won't understand how quiet they are (relatively).
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Answered on 6/6/2022:

Generators are allowed until, I think, 10 pm. Please, do not go past that. It is a very lovely