ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

“We’ve had this hammock for at least 6 years and its still in great condition and awesome to hang out in. Because its a double, if you’re in it alone, it almost covers you up — no sunburn if you fall asleep!”

“To hang the hammock, we utilize the Atlas Straps (from Eno) Suspension System. These deploy very quickly, and allow you to spread your hammock across a range of distances. We’ve set it up between trees and under a boardwalk near the ocean – and are always on the look-out for other hanging options.

When you’re finished swaying in the breeze, the straps and hammock fold up nice and tight and can be maintained in respective small baggies. We can set this thing up in under 2 minutes – and spend hours gently swaying in the breeze of wherever we happen to be.”

– Liz & Jake’s Favorite Camping Gear

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