Candy Rations

“We don’t roll without candy. I could literally live off of candy alone – and Jake knows that to keep me happy, candy needs to be stocked in the rig at all times. If we’re heading out into the yonder, away from civilization for any extended period of time, we stock up.

We also always carry a batch of what we call ‘Drummy Bears’ with us. These delightful morsels of vodka or rum soaked gummy bear candies are perfect for those times when a new neighbor unexpectedly invites you to sit around their campfire and chat with them. We keep a small pyrex dish tucked away in the back of our RV fridge and can pull them out at a moments notice. Our fridge isn’t big (it’s no residential), but the space taken up by Drummy Bears is well worth it for us.

Tip: Drummy Bears must be made in a glass container, or else they congeal. It has something to do with science. Our very favorite gummies to use are Albanese 32 Flavor Bears. They are 32 flavors of glory – and people are always impressed that there are so many flavors to try! We usually order them from Amazon when we’re somewhere with a mailable address.”

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