2019 Fundraiser

July 10th - 24th

2019 Campendium Fundraiser

Campendium exists today thanks to support from the community. Whether you’re writing reviews, uploading photos, sharing on social media or making donations in past fundraisers, you’re the reason Campendium thrives!

As the site grows, so does the cost of keeping it running. From maintenance and development, to hosting, maps and the weekly email, Campendium generates some pretty big bills!

Banner ads cover a lot of our expenses, however, we’re still short approximately one cent per user, which may not sound like a lot, but when you multiply it by over 2.7 million users in a year, that’s a lot of money!

How Much Should I Donate

If everyone who visited the website or app today contributed $2 we would exceed our goal on the first day. Unfortunately, that will not be the case. Last year, only 0.45% of site visitors became a supporter. If the same holds true this year, we’ll need the average donor to spend $20 on merchandise and/or donations (i.e. $6 on a patch plus a $14 donation).

You can either sign up for a Supporter Subscription or for the two weeks during the fundraiser, purchase some Campendium swag.

What do I get for supporting?

First and foremost, everyone here at Campendium and in the community will be grateful for your contribution.

Spend $20 or more and receive the following for 365 days:

Community Pride: A spiffy supporter badge will be displayed under your avatar on the campground pages you review.

Premium Features: Ads will be disabled and you will have access to a really cool cell service filter that will show you campgrounds with reported cell service by carrier on both the website and the Campendium iOS app!


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Spread the word! Know someone who loves finding great new places to camp? Tell them about Campendium and send them to this page, or just click one of the buttons above to share on the social network of your particular preference.

Thanks in advance to everyone who supports this year’s fundraiser! Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

a screenshot showing campendium pro features like cell service overlay maps

Supporter Subscriptions

Support Campendium & get access to pro features like:

  • Cell Carrier Data
  • Public Land Overlays
  • Trail Map Layers
  • Ad Free
Unlock Features $20 Billed Annually