2018 Fundraiser

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Goal: $21,600


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of $21,600 goal

Campendium exists today thanks to support from the community. Whether you’re writing reviews, uploading photos, sharing on social media or making donations in past fundraisers, you’re the reason Campendium thrives!

So, thank you!

The Campendium team is made up of six full-time travelers who don’t earn a penny for the work we do on Campendium.

Brian & Leigh started Campendium from their Airstream in 2012. Brian oversees data and community relations while Leigh manages development along with social and email marketing.

Nathan authors Campendium’s entertaining camping guides. He is also a wordpress guru and is responsible for building out the blog and e-commerce functionality for the fundraiser.

Skyler is the wizard behind the the Campendium iOS app. He continues to add features and improve the overall user experience, so be sure to download the latest version!

Liz is an admin hero for Campendium. She responds to questions from the community, helps to keep campground data up to date, along with researching and adding new locations.

Jared is the newest member of the team, and the face of our new YouTube video channel. Subscribe to the Campendium channel today to automatically get notified when a new video is released!

While we each bring different skills to the team, not one of us is a web developer, so we have to pay a development company to maintain and improve the site.

$21,600k will pay for 15 hours a month of maintenance and improvements to Campendium over the next 12 months.

The website you see today was built with money contributed by the community. Thank you to everyone who previously supported, and thanks in advance to everyone who supports this year’s fundraiser! Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

“All of our favorite boondocking sites have been found through Campendium, leading to some of the best experiences of our lives. A donation is the least we could do.” – Life Among Pines

How much should I donate?

If everyone who visited the website or app today contributed $2 we would exceed our goal on the first day. Unfortunately, that will not be the case. Last year, only 0.17% of site visitors became a supporter. If the same holds true this year, we’ll need the average donor to contribute $38 or buy two t-shirts.

The good news is, we’ve got a great new t-shirt in royal blue and a zip hoodie to keep you cozy around the campfire. We’re also bringing back the Vintage Black T-shirt, a crowd favorite.

What do I get for supporting?

Heartfelt Thanks: First and foremost, everyone here at Campendium and in the community will be grateful for your contribution. Comments submitted during the fundraiser every year inspire everyone to continue the mission to find and share great campsites.

Community Pride: A spiffy supporter badge will be displayed under your avatar on the campground pages you review.

Premium Features: If you use the Campendium iOS app, for 365 days following your contribution, ads will be disabled and you will have access to a really cool cell service filter that will show you campgrounds with reported cell service by carrier!

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