Question about Brazoria Beach Dispersed Camping

Wandering Pulse

Wandering Pulse asked on 2/5/2021

I have to be near Houston for several days in early March. Two New Years ago when I tried beach camping near Padre Balli it was a bust - we were sick and the weather was dreadful. So this year I'm looking at free or public (city, county, state park) camping options between here ( Freeport) and Crystal Beach (Galveston). What might be the best option in that stretch? Brazoria had the most reviews so I thought I'd start here.

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Answered on 2/6/2021:

Brazoria was great, plenty of room and you can safely get high enough for the high tide. Just check the tides for an unusual high. We were there in Feb so it was a little cold with the wind.
The Novel Traveler
The Novel Traveler
Hope Valley, RI
Kia Sorento
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Answered on 2/5/2021:

Brazoria County Beach is a good option. I like it more than Padre. It's hard-packed sand and there's plenty of room. No amenities. The town of Surfside Beach abuts it, as well as the paid town beach. There are places to eat (Jetty Shack has good burgers), Sharkies is a decent local bar, and there are other options. I spend time every winter at Brazoria. Just left a couple of weeks ago. Plan to go back again soon. There's also the intercoastal waterway area at the Brazoria end of Galveston Island. You drive down on the beach near the toll booth. Soft sand, tricky, but beautiful. Plan on mosquitoes at both beaches.
Lexington, KY
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Answered on 2/5/2021:

All of those are great options I personally favor brazoria and crystal but I've been there recently and had no issues