Question about Bolivar Flats Beach Dispersed Camping

camper-730802 asked on 12/24/2022

Is there a difference between the “permit” beach and the free beach? I’m seeing two different listings here but it looks all the same? Sounds like if you have the permit you’re covered?

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Answered on 12/24/2022:

At the end of Rettilon road, if you go to the left it’s free, go right you need a $10 permit for the year. Not prorated. I just spent a month on the permit side and I couldn’t see much difference in the surroundings. Although it was off season. I don’t know about the busy season. There are portapottys at the entrance of the beach. They say there’s not but I just left there 3 weeks ago and they do have them. Enjoy!
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Answered on 12/24/2022:

If you have the permit - you’re good anywhere on the beach. And when we camped there, they did indeed drive around and check vehicles for the sticker/permit.