Question about Bolivar Flats Free Beach Dispersed Camping

Ellie asked on 11/28/2020

Do you think 4 wheel drive is necessary? We have a 2 wheel drive f350 dually pulling a 34 ft fifth wheel.

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Answered on 11/29/2020:

No problems in a 30’ Class A. Just stay on the hard packed sand and you will be fine.

Answered on 11/29/2020:

FWD isn't necessary but you have to be smart about it. Keep moving, even on packed sand. Some entrances/exits are more passable than others. Watch where you park it as far as high tide line and how packed the sand is near the dunes.
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Answered on 11/28/2020:

I don’t think there should be any problem. We unhooked the Jeep from our diesel pusher, but I’m confident that it would have been fine if we had kept it in tow. In short, we had as many drive wheels as your f350 and we were fine. I say go for it! :-)