Question about Bloody Bluff Landing Campground

Bobby asked on 6/28/2021

New to camping. Is it ok to use a gas-powered generator during the night at Bloody Bluff Landing to run an air conditioner?

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The Wandering Shores
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Answered on 6/28/2021:

Bobby, glad to hear that you are getting out and camping. So the answer to your question is very difficult. I'll say this, while we were there over the winter, we were the only ones there and a gen would not be a problem. But if others are there it makes the answer a bit more difficult. I'm not sure how busy it is during the summer and if you have an inverter gen (not the construction kind) you can probably aim your exhaust away from the other campers and would probably not be a big deal, but I would suggest that you just talk to the other campers if there are any as a courtesy.