Question about Big Meadows Campground

rickless asked on 9/3/2022

Is it reasonable to drive the entire skyline drive towing a 5th wheel? Too narrow with sharp bends?

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Answered on 6/16/2023:

There is one tunnel. I don’t remember height restrictions.
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Answered on 9/5/2022:

They named this road for a reason - it traverses the top parts of the park and yes, it is full of curves and hills, but like Anne H said, it all depends on the length of your 5th wheel and how fast you drive. Take it easy and you should not have a problem. Keep in mind there are several other campgrounds on the route, so they built the road for access to them as well as sightseeing.
Anne H
Anne H
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Answered on 9/3/2022:

We pulled our 30 foot Airstream and made it safely. If you go carefully you should be ok depending on how long your 5th wheel is.