Question about Big Flat Designated Dispersed Camping

Gett'n There / AllAboutYourBike

Gett'n There / AllAboutYourBike asked on 4/11/2021

Greetings, how safe is it to unhook and leave for the day to go hike or visit the area? We have a 40' with solar and just need some security. What is the most recommended spot in the forest? After 7 days can you move to a new spot or is there a limit?

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Answered on 4/11/2021:

There is no security or active patrol presence. Just like with boondocking on BLM land in remote areas, I would not leave personal items like chairs set up outside if you plan on leaving your rig unattended during the day. Many folks actively carry legal concealed firearms to protect themselves and their property in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I've never encountered a theft issue in any free camping area in these states. Hope this helps.

Answered on 6/19/2024:

Park rangers actively patrol all areas