Question about Beas Lewis Flat Dispersed Camping

Mal asked on 9/25/2020

Is there enough space for a 19 ft travel trailer at Beas Lewis Flat? How many dispersed campsites in this area?

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Chas the Traveler
Lancaster, CA 25' Northwoods Nash 23D Ford F150 4X4
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Answered on 9/26/2020:

That is the perfect sized camper for this camping area. There are no designated campsites as it a dispersed camping area meaning you find a suitable flat spot and camp. In certain areas a 4x4 would needed especially if foal weather is looming.

Answered on 9/26/2020:

Yes, absolutely. I don't know how many sites there are exactly, but there is no lack of space out there. There are several roads that spider off the main road. Just scout on foot or using your truck first, but I had no issues with my 34' travel trailer. Stay away from the first 400 yards or so, it is private property.

Answered on 9/26/2020:

Plenty of room! We have stayed there several times in our 32' Class A. The main site is close to the highway but there is a network of roads with multiple sites available. We usually scout in our towed vehicle, so you might want to use the satellite view of your map app to scope out some possible turn-arounds in advance. Do be warned that the mud there gets very slick when it rains, so don't go too far off the main road if you're expecting drippy weather. Enjoy! It's a great spot to camp.
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