Question about Bahia Honda State Park Campground

Home Wherever We Roam asked on 2/28/2020

Any tips for scoring reservations for a site during Jan or Feb? We have been trying for weeks now unsuccessfully.

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Answered on 3/1/2020:

You do have to pretty much book 11 months in advance and if you go in and look at the sites keep an eye on which ones are coming up and be on your computer or your phone any devices at the same time you can and 8 AM in the morning be ready to try to get the reservation. There is a website called wanderring labs you can join us for 10 or $20 and you can put in where you would like to camp and if there’s any cancellations you will get a text right away to login and get that site. It is just as hard to get in Bahia Honda Camping it is Fort De Soto campground. We always book 11 months in advance and have a list of which days certain sites that we want to stay in will open up. Hopefully they will open the sandspur loop next year which has no hook up yet an amazing view a lot of campers stay there which helps booking the other sites.

Answered on 3/10/2021:

Me too! I have clicked with multiple devices and tried every second from 5 seconds before to many seconds after. They are gone by 1 second after 8. Only apps could be this accurate. My son says he could program an app to do this but it would be breaking the law. I think someone should be investigating this.

Answered on 3/25/2023:

We are looking for tips too. Have been trying every day on 3 different computers with no luck. We are trying to book 11 months in advance and trying for anything we can get. Would love some advice from anyone that has been successful!