Question about Bahia Honda State Park Campground

Shari asked on 3/10/2021

Is there any wiggle room on the clearance to go over to the tent sites? The website says 6 feet 6 inches; will 6 feet 8 inches clear?

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Answered on 3/12/2021:

If the campsites are near the cabins you go under a low bridge. There is isn’t any play it’s concrete. If you have to drive under it to get to your site it’s not going to work.
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Answered on 4/29/2022:

The check-in rule sheet I received at the park says “vehicles taller than 6’8” are not able to camp in the Bayside campground.” Maybe call them and clarify if it’s 6’6” or 6’8”, because it sounds like it says different things in different places. Update: I'm at the park and checked the bridge - it is clearly marked as 6'-8" clearance.
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Answered on 6/21/2021:

There is a low, concrete bridge that you have to drive under to get to the tent only sites. I would imagine the height is accurate so I don't think you would want to risk it.