Question about Baca Campground

Kathy asked on 6/10/2020

Road C002, does anyone know if this road is paved. Condition of the road ?

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Answered on 6/10/2020:

Hi Kathy, C002 is not a paved road. I was there not to long ago. It is a gravel forest service road. You can get there in a 2wd vehicle as long as it has not recently rained heavy.
Houston, TX
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Answered on 8/14/2021:

Not paved but well packed gravel road, may have very miner ruts in stream crossings after heavy rain, but well maintained road.
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Answered on 6/10/2020:

The road is not paved, but it is in good condition. I am not sure why all of the five stars. This campsite is fine for a night when traveling. It is not a destination. It looks to be a previous homesite or ranch surrounded by a barbed wire fence and cows. It was a perfectly satisfactory night on my way from Flagstaff to Houston.
New Caney, TX
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Answered on 6/10/2020:

I've not been there since last summer, but at that time, C002 was not paved. It becomes FS-57 a ways in. Neither road is paved, but they were hard, graded roads, with some wash boarding in places. We pulled our little 20' trailer in with no problems. There were several showers in the 10 days we stayed, but the road stayed good, never slick.