Question about Aguirre Spring Campground

MSchneider asked on 3/5/2021

I see gate hours marked on the website and the pictures people took of the board. Does this mean you cannot enter the campground after the gate is closed? We interested in staying but have a lot drive and I am not certain we will make before 6p.

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Answered on 3/5/2021:

That was our understanding when we were there in December. You can exit after that time but not enter.... We arrived JUST before 6 and had not known about the limitation. The gate was still wide open and there didn't appear to be a camphost at that time. But I'm not sure if a ranger comes by and locks it at night.
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Answered on 3/6/2021:

Yes, unfortunately you cannot enter the the campground after 6pm. I’m sorry for that and I hope I helped you. Enjoy 😉.

Answered on 3/5/2021:

Gate is closed and you can’t enter after 6 pm. Exit only after 6 pm, they have one way tire spikes.
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Answered on 3/5/2021:

They do lock the entrance gate, you can leave after hours but I believe there are spikes to stop you from entering through the exit. It is a fantastic camp spot the hikes are world-class and not to be missed. Definitely worth making the effort to get there before the gates are locked.
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Answered on 3/5/2021:

I don't remember seeing the gate much less it being closed. There is a ranger/host that drives thru in the evening but I don't think they lock a gate. Call them beforehand, I wouldn't do the road to the campground in the dark either!